Child Support

Helping You Protect the Most Important People in Your Life

No one is more important to you than your children. We believe that their lifestyle should not be negatively impacted by a divorce or separation and that both parents have equal responsibility to support their children financially in a manner appropriate for their circumstances.

Child support is a complex issue that involves many factors. The California Family Code 4055- Statewide Uniform Guidelines for Determining Child Support takes gross income, taxes, and payroll deductions into account, but these guidelines can be complicated by issues such as:

  • Individual custody and visitation arrangements
  • A current support for children from a previous relationship
  • A high net-worth marital estate
  • A high-value closely held business

An experienced San Francisco child support attorney can help you make sense of all the guidelines, financial affidavits, and other elements involved in preparing a child support order. At Entrust Legal, we will take the time to explain all relevant options and considerations and will answer any questions you may have.

Let us help you protect your child’s interests and their future. Contact us for a consultation or call 628-400-4874.