Division of Assets & Debts

What’s Yours is Yours

One of the most complicated issues in a legal separation or divorce is the division of assets and debts. Generally under California community property laws, assets acquired during your marriage belongs to both of you and must be divided equally in divorce.

You and your spouse may come to your own agreement on how to divide marital property and obligations. If you can’t, the court will make the decision for you. In either event, it is important that you work with a California family law attorney who can review each item with you, determine whether it is separate or community property, and advise you as to how it may be divided.

When you are beginning a new future after divorce, it is important that you receive a fair division of assets and debts. At Entrust Legal, we will educate you as to what your rights are and either negotiate a fair settlement or fight for your best interests at trial.