Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Legal Protection to Keep You Safe

Domestic violence occurs when one person seeks to exercise power and control over another. It can happen between people who are married, in the same family, or only dating, and affects men and women of all races and income levels. Examples of abusive behavior include:

  • Harassment by phone, email, or text message
  • Hitting, slapping, or choking
  • Threatening to cause injury
  • Stalking
  • Withholding finances and other resources that give the victim independence

If you are experiencing physical, mental, or emotional abuse, Entrust Legal can help you seek a domestic violence restraining order to protect you and your loved ones. A restraining order can remain in effect for up to five years in California and require your abuser to stay away from you and your children and anywhere that you may be found, such as your home, workplace, and the children’s school.

We can also help you obtain an emergency order and interim child custody and support.

This is a highly sensitive area of law, so we guide you through it one step at a time by providing competent and aggressive representation or defense. For more information or to get the protection you need immediately, please call 628-400-4874.